JACKMARC Convenient, Waterproof, Multifunction Lazy Travel Cosmetic Storage Bag with Drawstrings

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  • HIGHLY CONVENIENT - The round cosmetic bag open with drawstrings and helps you SEE ALL ITEMS AT ONCE. One does not need to dig inside the bag to find the right product.
  • WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN – The bag is made of high-quality premium polyester material which is easy to wash. The bag is waterproof and hence all items inside are safe.
  • INNOVATIVE, PORTABLE & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY – The bag is a rage in social media. It is new, innovative and very useful. It is also very easy to carry when one is travelling in a bigger purse or suitcase.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – The bag is 53 cm *68 cm which provides a lot of storage space for cosmetics, toiletries, makeup items etc.
  • MAGIC POCKET – The bag has a small hidden magic pocket wherein you can store your valuables or small items that you fear might get lost.